Residential Lighting

Whether you are investing in a new kitchen, refurbishing an old, or building a new home, you will want your designer's work presented in the best possible light. Good lighting design can bring mundane spaces to life, but bad lighting design can spoil the best designed interiors.

Application of our ‘Lady/Butler/Servant’ design philosophy results in beautifully lit interiors with delightful atmospheres, striking details and minimal energy use.

We can help with planning for lighting of listed buildings, landscape lighting and lighting controls that integrate with other services.

We undertake ecological BAT IMPACT ASSESSMENTS to comply with the law and guidance as laid out by the Bat Conservation Trust, read more HERE.

The products we specify may have particular characteristics that are important to the overall design. Therefore, we offer a procurement service that ensures the finer details of our design isn’t compromised by bad purchasing decisions. By using this service, the client can be confident that the design is realised as intended.

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