'All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow'

Leo Tolstoy

Lighting Force was founded in 1999 by Ian Howard, to bring his unique vision to the lighting design profession. Ian had a belief that beautiful lighting can be achieved through simple means and that there is no more important tool in the designer’s box than light itself.

Established in Battle in South-East England, Lighting Force’s dedicated design team continues to realise and progress Ian’s vision. Over the years, an enviable clientele has been established in hospitality, residential, retail, public space and commercial environments and an impressive portfolio has been developed at home and abroad.

Lighting Force’s designers understand not only how to apply light, but the practical implications of integrating light sources into the subject. There is a strong ethos of teamwork, not only in-house, but in working with other project team members.

Lighting technology is always evolving. Lighting Force takes pride in being ahead of the curve in understanding how new tools enable new solutions to old problems.

The Lighting Force philosophy: Show the Subject, Hide the Source.

Working Methods

Lighting Force offers a full design service from concept to delivery. Relux and AGI32 lighting design software, AutoCAD, Photoshop and PowerPoint are employed to deliver clear and accurate documentation.

As well as offering a full lighting design service, Lighting Force can work as an adjunct to the project design team to implement specific tasks, including:

Representing clients at design meetings

Site trials & mock-ups

Planning applications

Detailed 3D modelling of lighting scenes

Video 'walkthrough' of modelled spaces

360° photosphere

Lighting calculation reports

Emergency lighting calculation reports

Lighting layout drawings, including circuit identification

Luminaire & control schedules

Energy payback calculations

Budgeting & procurement

Problem solving, late-stage 'fixing' & value-engineering

Project photography

Preparation of operating & maintenance manuals

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