About Lighting Force

We see ourselves as the interpreters from the creative team to the technical team; we interpret your conceptual vision and translate that into a package for installation. In the right hands light compliments, dramatises, and inspires, but while architects and interior designers know the effect they want to achieve, it takes a specialist to know how to achieve the effect. Good design is first and foremost about positioning the right kind of luminaire in the right place, specification comes after. We don't always step back after the concept stage; if required we see our design through to completion, supplying the plans and documentation required by other consultants, and maintaining the integrity of the lighting design when changes are necessary.


Lighting Force Ltd was founded in 1999 and has continued to grow steadily, maintaining its core staff since conception.

We currently have design studios in Battle, East Sussex, plus Southend-on-Sea, Essex and in Dubai. Initially established as a specialist lighting design/supply company, Lighting Force has evolved into a pure lighting design practice, working in all market sectors at home and abroad.

Ian Howard

Ian has had a succseful career in lighting since 1984, principally with his bespoke lighting manufacturing company, which catered for the pioneers of lighting consultants of the 80s and 90s. Then in 1999 he moved on to pure design, where he excelled as MD and Principle Designer. Generally, all conceptual work passes over his desk and he personally presents our designs to our clients.

Mark Saunders

Mark's lighting history also goes back to 1984, when he joined his family lighting business. Ian recognised Mark's skills in exterior lighting design, project management and business administration as complementary to his own skills in interior lighting design and sales and invited him to join Lighting Force in 2003. As well as his design work, Mark is responsible for all aspects of financial management within the business.

Antony Tyson

A stalwart of our design team since 2008, Antony has a background in lighting for entertainment. Antony has a holistic approach to life, reflected in his design approach. He also has a keen eye for detail, ability to visualise spaces from two dimensional drawings and strong drawing skills. Antony is master of our computer design tools, which he uses to produce stunning computer visuals, both static and moving.

Imman Hartnell

The newest member of our design team, Imman joined Lighting Force as a trainee in 2012. A first class honours graduate in Interior Architecture and Property Management, Imman won the Deans prize for Architecture amongst other awards and is fulfilling her ambition as a professional lighting designer.